WILDEST DREAMS by Claire Morales | Music Video | 2018

Featuring: Hannah Weir, Belinda Santos, Ali Honchell, Claire Morales

Director: Judd Myers
Producer: Jeff Walker
DP: Bryce Richardson
Production Designer: Jasnik Moreno
Choreographer: Belinda Santos
1st AC: Karissa Leicht
2nd AC: Kyle Montgomery 
Gaffers: Israel Pedraza, Eric Nietubicz
Grip: Brian Foskos
Swing: Elisha Bittock
Set Dressers: Stephen McCormick, Bear, Nicole Marxen-Myers
Production Manager: Bryan Greene
PA: Austin Bird

Editor: Alec Wyman
Colorist: Neil Anderson

Special Thanks to Stephanie Myers, Jonathan Myers, Paperlyte, and Lucky Post