This morning I awoke from a dream where I was investigating the disappearance of a missing child, and somehow Eisenhower, poppies, and time travel were involved. As I tried to recall the details, I suddenly remembered that I'd (finally) seen The Revenant last night and immediately lost interest in dream analysis.

What an incredible experience. Aside from the obligatory, Highland Park, elderly couple who wouldn't stop talking behind me, the only other unfortunate occurrence that managed to take me out of the movie, was that I could not stop marveling at how much everything must have cost -- the rigs for complex shots, the actors, the art, the vfx, etc. Horrible, I know, but I couldn't help it.

I'm still digesting it all, but I walked out of the theater totally stunned.

In a couple of hours I'll be catching a flight to Austin and then heading to LA on Sunday for a few days work. Tuesday and Wednesday were supposed to be major breakthrough days for me, but I encountered some creative roadblocks (an admitted lack of inspiration) that have been plaguing me lately.

Over breakfast I had a breakthrough on the project that's been troubling me, but it needs to be taken much further before I'll know if it's worthwhile, and right now I need to pack. I hope to, no, I will come back from this trip with more focus and intensity to push through and get things moving.