Intake for 3/2

Blue Velvet (1986)

I'll never get tired of this movie. So many things worthy of a closer look: the sound design & score, the editing, the colors, the camera movement and position, the light, the characteristics of the lenses, the sets, Kyle MacLachlan's ear ring... I could go on forever. One of my all time favorites.

From Pauline Kael's New Yorker review:

"It's the slightly disjunctive quality of Lynch's scenes (and the fact that we don't question them, because they don't feel arbitrary to us) that makes the movie so hypnotic -- that, and the slow, assured sensuousness of his editing rhythms. This is possibly the only coming-of-age movie in which sex has the danger and heightened excitement of a horror picture. It's the fantasy (rather than the plot) that's organic, and there's no sticky-sweet lost innocence, because darkness was always there, inside."